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Information About and For Exhibitors


To reserve tables, please see Reserving Tables below.

List of Exhibitors for 2019


Wallace Andrews
Jim Baer
Andy Beliveau
Richard Binder
James Bornheimer
Terry Brack
Rowland Butler
Alan Cohen
John Corwin, Flexxy Nib Pens
Jimmy Dolive
Paul Erano
Sid Faltzik
Federalist Frank Pens
Pier Gustafson
Tim Holl


Kenro Industries
Jim Knight
Jeffrey Krasner
Neil Lander
J. J. Lax Pen Copmpany
Gary Lehrer
Nikola Pang
Lindsay Rand
Bob Slate Stationer (Laura Donohue)
Jonathan Steinberg
Nathan Tardif, Noodler’s Inks
Bob Tuthill
Venlo Company

Reserving Tables

All tables are standard 72"×30" (6-foot) banquet tables and are priced at $150.00 per table.

There is a separate exhibitors' entrance to the ballroom. You will not have to cart your displays and goods through the hotel lobby, and you will not need to run interference at the visitors' entrance while you are setting up or packing.

To be fair to everyone, we will allocate tables as we receive paid reservations. To reserve your tables, please mail your check with a letter giving your name and address, the number of tables you want to reserve, and whether you require electrical power or not to this address:

Commonwealth Pen Show
c/o Monomoy Vintage Pen
PO Box 433
Harwichport MA 02646

Please make your check payable to Monomoy Marketing LLC.

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